The study of Literature and the study of Computer Science are actually much more similar than most people appreciate. In Literature, the algorithms are just a little more complicated and the applications more pervasive. Naturally, as a result, Lit grads tend to make much less money.
He who steals my name steals a few letters in the alphabet. But he who steals my credit card number steals my soul.
All statement is overstatement.
Most importantly, magnanimity requires the opportunity to be magnanimous.
As soon as the artificial problem of scarcity is finally eradicated, economics will immediately turn to the dangerous problem of superabundance. States will fall into turmoil as people riot for want of absolutely nothing. And the leisure class will be distinguished not by its conspicuous ...
The terrorist's reliance on the instruments of modern commerce and technology in his struggle against civilization is an irony much remarked upon. Still, his greatest weapon might be his simplest : to remain discreet and humbly prepare himself for god. If only such men took a longer view of the ...
Future generations will look at our medicine cabinets and see science compromised by something more dismal than dogma or ignorance: profit.