It is true, as I imagine the chair of the NRA would be happy to remind us, that french fries or cigarettes kill more children every year than firearms. But it's not the death that we object to. Every child is going to die eventually. It is, rather, the circumstances. Too sudden, too spectacular, ...
The meek shall inherit the earth. Then, at the next opportunity, they shall return it to the control of the leisure class in a misunderstanding of the marginal benefit provided by a small deduction in their taxes.
The origins of genius are obscure. Read "friend" or "business associate" or "irresponsible shit" where that special word is used and they will be less so.
Don't forget to give a little credit to Paul. Without him, Christians today would just be another group of Palestineans throwing stones at Israeli soldiers.
German Romantic Philosophy : the romantic notion that German philosophy explains anything.
Nor does history end. It just gets squeezed out to allow more prep time for the standardized tests.
I find it advisable in poetry, as in life, to begin with the probability that God is too complex to be perceived by our senses or understood by our minds. A God anything less than this inscrutable, as a corollary to Anselm's theorem might demonstrate, would not be God, with the result that God ...