Children are more animal than human. Prematurely civilize your children and they will be the prey.
Poetic suicide : two children and Ted Hughes.
With electroencephalograms and magnetic resonance imaging, the day when a doctor may trace the flickering light of a thought through the most obscure corridors of the mind seems inevitable. The capability of restoring, or eliminating, the sensitive areas of a malfunctioning mind would not trail ...
He who steals my name steals a few letters in the alphabet. But he who steals my credit card number steals my soul.
All statement is overstatement.
Most importantly, magnanimity requires the opportunity to be magnanimous.
As soon as the artificial problem of scarcity is finally eradicated, economics will immediately turn to the dangerous problem of superabundance. States will fall into turmoil as people riot for want of absolutely nothing. And the leisure class will be distinguished not by its conspicuous ...