The majority shareholder is the most powerful insurgent in capitalist society. He can bring the system down from the inside. Or get rich trying.
Poetic Suicide : A death toll of one.
The terrorist's reliance on the instruments of modern commerce and technology in his struggle against civilization is an irony much remarked upon. Still, his greatest weapon might be his simplest : to remain discreet and humbly prepare himself for god. If only such men took a longer view of the ...
Honor does not actually exist in nature. Taste and discretion are the closest observable approximations.
Future generations will look at our medicine cabinets and see science compromised by something more dismal than dogma or ignorance: profit.
Watch closely the big battle scene in one of those old Hollywood epics about the Roman empire and you will notice a certain number of bit actors looking around as if they are not quite sure what exactly it is they are supposed to be doing. It is very often the subtlest detail of historical accuracy.
In a closed society, the individual may be denied his full allotment of freedom and liberty. He is spared, however, a certain amount of gratuitous rhetoric on the subject.