The idea that genital difference must describe one of the basic qualifications for marriage is medieval and a little lewd. If putting the imprimatur of the state upon the habit of heterosexual cohabitation has not brought about the ruin of civilization, I suspect that no slight variation in ...
Every social observer has a trick for measuring the man. Some will look carefully at his investment portfolio, some his society, others his hair or the cut of his jib. I prefer the hypothalamus. For the hypothalamus is probably the single most accurate denominator of social status for a man in ...
A man's keystrokes will reveal him in a way very different from that of his more social behavior, and in the raw data of server logs is a reality far more real than reality itself.
Of all the ways to measure youth, age is the least interesting.
The only necessary link between sex and reproduction is an unwanted pregnancy.
In the future, optimism will merely be a euphemism for denial.
Parents have trouble understanding their kids because they anthropomorphize them. Stop mistaking your kids for human beings and they'll make a lot more sense.