Friday, 7 May 2021

You are experiencing font even now. It is, I hope, my favourite font: Garamond. An Old Style or Humanist Antiqua typeface dating back to the earliest period of mechanical printing in the late fifteenth century, when new technology spurred a revival of the light forms of classical Rome as a replacement to the monstrous and impractical characters of medieval blackletter. This last form I had once felt beyond the privilege of the least toleration. Fraktur, a blackletter font, was the typeface of the Nazis after all. At least until 1940, when it was outlawed as a Jewish typeface. I have since come to appreciate blackletter, upon certain conditions. It is essential in the relief of the dainty figures and vibrant motifs of illuminated medieval manuscripts. It seems appropriate, too, as the livery of certain overwrought personalities.